About Us

Green Air Supply’s roots are based in the brewing and gas delivery industries in and around the Pacific Northwest. As a green business, GAS Inc is a premier supplier of nitrogen separation technologies for the draught beer industry. Our expertise in brewing and beverage gas qualify us as technical leaders on all aspects of beverage gas supply and draught beer quality.


Our industry experience spans over 17 years. A complete knowledge of draught beer mechanics, gas separation technologies and strong ties to the beverage industry help make GAS Inc the premier choice for clean and green nitrogen supply systems. A love of brewing and making environmentally conscious decisions marry perfectly in the ideology of Green Air Supply’s business model.


Our staff of draught beer and beverage gas experts are always happy to discuss proper blend selection, kegged beer systems and our nitrogen separators. Whether you’re an industry person or just a curious beer lover we would enjoy talking about our exciting new technologies with you.


Green Air Supply Inc
2523 Jefferson Ave
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