We stand by our products 100% and customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Here are some testimonials from some of our customers.

Our beer kegs were always foamy at the bottom of the keg. When a pump in our keg cooler wore out it filled our large walk in with dangerous carbon dioxide gas.

We then decided to try a Green Air Supply Nitrogen Separator. Our beer system has performed perfectly ever since. The GAS nitrogen system has kept our beers pouring well and eliminated the chance of a beer pump filling our keg cooler with co2. Our very busy music and live entertainment venue has never had a service call again and our kegs are no longer foamy at the end.

I would recommend G.A.S. Inc systems to anyone.

Dan B. – Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma WA

Since installing my Green Air Supply Nitrogen System Our beer waste has been eliminated. The cost of goods on my draft beer has been dramatically improved. I have recommended this gas supply system to all of our other restaurants. Our very busy store in Seattle had a leaking and faulty keg coupler and the G.A.S. Inc Nitrogen Separator alerted our staff of a leak in the keg cooler. My staff was able to identify and stop the leak with out interruption in beer sales. This saved us from a gas run out during a very busy night. I would most definitely recommend Green Air Supply Inc. to any beer reseller.

Thank you!

Bill Scarce, Manager – Hooter’s Restaurants, Tacoma WA

Green Air Supply’s Nitrogen Separator improved my draught beer profits by eliminating our busy establishment’s draught beer waste. In addition to that, our employees no longer have to handle those heavy gas cylinders or apologize to our customers for flat and foamy beer. I would recommend this product to anybody who wants to reduce beer gas costs and serve a better beer!

Greg, Manager – McCormick & Schmick Restaurant, Seattle WA

Our Irish Bar had problems with our old gas cylinders and since installing our mixed-gas system from Green Air Supply things haven’t been better. Our beer is perfectly carbonated through out the entire keg contents. No Foamy or flat beer. Not having to change tanks of gas has been a relief.

I would recommend G.A.S. Inc systems to any body changing and compressed gas cylinders.

Don Tremblay – TS McHugh’s Irish Pub, Seattle WA