What do I do if I think there is a beverage gas leak inside of my business location?

First, be aware of any possible confined spaces that may be accumulating high concentrations of CO2 or nitrogen. CO2 and nitrogen displace oxygen and do not support life.  Keg coolers, closets, basements and enclosed rooms should be aired out thoroughly before entry. If you suspect there is any chance of an accumulation of any type of compressed gas do not enter that area ever! If you can, shut off the gas supply that feeds the leak without placing a person at risk of entering a confined space. If you can not safely shut off the gas supply to the leak and you think there is a safety concern, contact your local fire department for assistance. You should also call our support staff for further assistance and instructions. Main Office 877-427-4361 or use the number listed on your separator by pushing the “CALL” button on the touch screen panel.

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