Draught Wine FAQ

Draught Wine

What is kegged (draught) wine?

Kegged wine or draught wine is an environmentally friendly way to serve economically priced quality wines. Wine can be served out of a keg through beverage lines and out of a dispense faucet similar to draught beer systems.

Where can I find kegged wine options in my area?

Contact us and we will assist you in finding kegged wine options in your area. As your partner GAS is familiar with the ever increasing list of kegged wine options available.

What is the right kind of gas to use on my kegged wines?

The important role of any gas on top of wine in a keg is to be oxygen free and secondly to act as a propellant in dispensing the wine through the draught wine system. Oxygen-free nitrogen is the oldest used gas for this purpose. Nitrogen is inert and difficult to dissolve into wine. Nitrogen is the most widely used gas for kegged wine.

What about argon gas for draught wine?

Another less favorable gas option for kegged wine dispense is using argon gas. Argon gas is actually easier to dissolve into a liquid than nitrogen and may be less economical when compared to nitrogen. Nitrogen or more recently mixed-gas (blended Nitrogen & CO2) have become preferred due to the fact that many beer retailers already have nitrogen on site.